Crazy Matrix

Crazy Matrix 1.0

It might drive you nuts


  • Broad difficulty range
  • Puzzles are randomized every new game
  • Challenging
  • Free


  • Only for puzzle lovers


Are you a logic fiend? Crazy Matrix is a freeware puzzle game for anyone who enjoys frying their brain for fun.

You can set the difficulty by the number of squares on the Crazy Matrix screen, from four to twenty five. The aim then is to click on the squares in the correct order so they all light up. Each square will trigger lights on the matrix so you have to work out by trial and error what does what and how you can piece together an order that works.

With four squares this is relatively easy, but even with twice that it's surprisingly challenging. With a full matrix of 25 squares, you'll need some serious mental power!

Luckily, for the non genius, hints are available throughout the game and solutions too. Presentation is pretty basic, and sound effects are minimal, but not at all irritating. You can turn the SFX off, change the background and the LED colors and there are very good instructions included, which are well worth reading before you get lost!

Crazy Matrix gets so challenging it might actually drive you crazy with frustration. One for hardcore puzzle fans only!

Crazy Matrix


Crazy Matrix 1.0

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